What Does The NCLOB Alert System Do?

Someday this little light may save a child’s life.


This light shines bright in the back of the school bus while the driver transports that ever-precious cargo. The scenario would go something like this: At the end of a run the driver must walk to the back and touch this little light before exiting the bus. 


Pushing that lighted button interrupts the countdown sequence that began when the bus was parked and shut down. Alarms will activate loudly if this little light is left untouched. The young child that has fallen asleep during the run will be discovered as the driver walks to the back. An unthinkable tragedy will have just been prevented.


This system is designed to assist the driver in making the required interior inspection for finding the sleeping, ill, injured, incapacitated or mischievous student that has failed to disembark the bus at the proper location.

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