• Lighted disarm switch will blink with the audible beep whenever system is in Countdown Mode​.

  • CA SB 1072 compliant​.

  • Lighted disarm switch and audible beep indicates system is activated. Audible beeping alert when Countdown Mode is initiated​.

  • Countdown is interrupted and reset by crossover lights or headlights.

  • Interior lights will activate whenever the system enters Countdown Mode. Interior lights will time out automatically.

  • ​Alarm sounds immediately if any floor level door is opened when not in Interrupt Mode. Alarm will sound continuously and not time out until disarm switch is pushed.

  • Fail safe alarm after 20 min if bus is left parked with headlights on and system is not disarmed.

  • Parking brake status is continually monitored. Alarm will not disarm if parking brake is off. Notification tone if parking brake is left on.

  • Five-year replacement warranty on the NCLOB system components with authorized installation

  • Many features are programmable to meet customer specific needs. Custom Installation kits available.

No Child Left On Board - System Features

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