NCLOB SYSTEM COMPONENTS .................Basic system is $135.00 plus tax and shipping


A standard NCLOB system includes a fully programmed Control Module enclosed in a mountable box, a lighted disarm switch with connector plug and pigtail wires, Control Module terminal connector plugs, terminal connector wires, an in-line diode and installation instructions. Some make and model school buses and some customized requests may require additional components. Please contact CIS for complete systems, installation kits and on site installation quotes.

NCLOB SYSTEM INSTALLATION ............................. Basic Onsite Installation is $850.00



The Basic Onsite Installation includes all wire, switches, relay, fuses, connectors and components needed to install an operational No Child Left On Board Child Safety Alert System on most vehicles.
If you choose to install these units in house, CIS will provide as much technical support as possible. CIS will also offer installation kits with materials necessary to complete an installation.

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