Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I check out my bus without having to go back and press the Disarm Switch a number of times?


A. You may keep the unit from entering the Armed Mode by leaving the main entrance door partially open before you turn your key on. The door needs to be fully closed in order to enter the Armed Mode. It will enter the Armed Mode when you close your door to move your bus to do your brake checks. This will allow you to check the operation of the NCLOB unit at that time.

Q. Will the alarms go off during a school bus stop?


A. No, not if you have an interrupt device on. The unit will not enter the Countdown Mode with the headlights on, the red crossover lights on or the key in the on position.

Q. Can the students turn the unit off by pushing the blue light switch?


A. No. The Disarm Switch will do nothing until the unit is in Countdown Mode.

Q. It is difficult to get to the interior of my bus from the driver seat in my small Special Needs bus. How do I keep the alarm from sounding when I park my bus and open my driver door to get out?


A. If you are not able to get to the rear of your bus from inside the driver’s compartment, then leave your headlights on before you turn off your bus. Open your main entrance door, then exit your bus using the driver door. Enter the bus through the main entrance door,

close the door, and turn off your headlights. The unit will then enter Countdown Mode and you will have 90 seconds to press the Disarm Switch. You can use your red crossover lights to keep the unit from going into Countdown Mode instead of your headlights if the headlight switch is in a difficult place to reach from the interior of the bus.

Q. How long will the headlights keep the unit from going to Countdown Mode?


A. 20 minutes. You may load and unload your students at a school site or keep the unit from entering Countdown Mode at the end of the route by leaving the headlights on for 20 minutes. At the end of 20 minutes the alarm device will activate.

Q. I parked my bus and when I turned the key off I heard 3 beeps repeating as well as the countdown beep.


A. The three beeps are a reminder after you turn the key off that the parking brake has not been set. The blue Disarm Switch will not disarm unless the parking brake is set. You would not have been able to disarm the unit until the parking brake had been set.

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